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Fiber and Bandwidth

Our colocation facility is equipped with reliable upstream internet access by way of redundant fiber paths connected to diverse, industry-leading bandwidth providers. These high-capacity fiber connections are combined with efficient BGP routing equipment powered by Cisco to ensure unrivaled performance and availability. Our network is optimized with Noction IRP to ensure outbound network traffic takes the quickest route. It is this world-class fiber optic network that enables us to offer bandwidth capacity at the most competitive prices. We were one of the first data centers to offer native IPv6 service.

Our internal fiber backbone consists of 10Gbps connectivity between our edge and core network layers. The edge and core network layers are built using Cisco 6500 series switches. Each cabinet has at least 10Gbps of connectivity with multiple paths to our core network layer. This connectivity can be upgraded for special buildouts.


There are many factors that go into choosing a colocation facility, and security is among the factors that cannot be overlooked. We have developed a comprehensive security framework that covers both the interior and exterior of our facility. The Milwaukee datacenter has experienced personnel onsite, in addition to advanced electronic systems that help control access to the building. We utilize the full power of the CyberLynk family to include products and services from our sister companies, some of which specialize in the security industry. Physical access is completely controlled by RFID and monitored by IP security cameras.

Speed Tests – Milwaukee

Below are several links to test the upload and download speed tests directly from our Milwaukee, Wisconsin data center.

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21554. We peer with AT&T, NTT, Cogent, CenturyLink and Spectrum in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter.


An ideal location just 25 minutes from Downtown Milwaukee and 40 minutes from the Illinois border makes our colocation facility the perfect place to host your IT infrastructure. The Milwaukee datacenter is conveniently situated away from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters, in a low-crime area in close proximity to major freeways and intersections. Milwaukee has a long tradition and history of being hard working city. Many industries were born and found their success in Milwaukee. We are proud to call it home.